mathematics of the ghetto.

i first got connected to @fcktg through a man that has connected me to more then a few interesting characters along the way – the brother @gavatista whom i met while on an exchange/conference back in 2011 at yale university.

we engaged in a lot of conversations around certain shared interests and philosophies. we talked about actions as well. i told him about how i’d been wanting to create a vehicle for my thoughts – a way to get some ideas out there that went beyond twitter. he connected me straight away to @fcktg. i’ve been blown away ever since.

first working together when i hired him to come up with my RL logo, we connected again when i hired him to do the artwork for my first dj mix, “hangover classics: sundays”.

this time, i wanted to do something different tho. i tweet a lot of things. a lot falls by the wayside but certain experiences haunt me. they take up space whether i’m comfortable sharing those spaces or not.

a few different experiences have taught me certain principles.

as i continue to wrestle with my “formal education” i started to think about some of the other lessons i’ve learned.

this is a piece i conceptualized and @fcktg brought to life called “mathematics of the ghetto. subtraction.”.

maybe that’s too harsh. maybe more should be done if these friends turned fiends really were our friends to begin with. but it’s not always up to us. sometimes people just take themselves out of the equation. that’s a choice too.

we can hate it and we don’t have to ever respect it, but it’s theirs. and they own it. just as they will have to own the decision to finally break those cycles one day as well, or die.

mathematics of the ghetto. it don’t always makes sense but it always adds up.


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