on terror.


i acknowledge that there is terror in the world.

i know that it exists in the hearts of men, women and children who walk across the earth. at times, it has existed in my own recesses. i also know that terror is not a thing that can be killed – only conquered. and i have learned through heartache that you cannot conquer terror with violence. only courage.


we must be strong if we are to conquer terror – we must be decisive. and we must be bold.

i have never seen terror conquered by violence. or fear. i have only ever seen increased “vigilance” serve to incubate, instead of stamp out terror.

cycles of dignity and rights. rights and dignity. terror thrives where we allow fear to fester. terror exists when we allow ourselves to imagine the worst instead of the beautiful – when we deny the potential of the world and paint it in tones of dread.

it’s been my life’s experience again and again that we speak our realities into existence. and that with so many existing realities – sometimes disparate visions clash. and in those confrontations, as a matter of simple physics, existences are extinguished. but the realities we choose to speak next – to breathe into life – are always those of our choosing.


we have self-determination. that right and that burden.

the next move is ours. collectively.

and collectives always start with individual voices first.

we should all use ours more.

my thoughts on a late night/early morning.

eyes wide.

with love.


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