the car park theatre of detroit...

*click through to see a dope post from with a lot more pics…

“Certainly the car fumes aren’t doing this place any good, but ironically, the building has returned to its first origins. The Michigan theatre had in fact been built right on top of the small garage where Henry Ford built his first ever car. The historical garage was even transported to the Henry Ford museum in Dearborn, Michigan, brick by brick.”

everything dies. everything is born anew.

one of the hardest hit cities in america… detroit. capitalism crushed it.

as it’s citizens negotiate the ruins and begin to forge beauty anew – some crazy realities become commonplace. like using an incredible old decrepit theatre space as an everyday parking garage.

this world. always it amazes me and makes me evaluate and reevaluate.

and i love that.

we almost lost detroit – gil scott-heron, live from a radio station in vienna…


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