UN Envoy Brahimi gives grim report on Syria stalemate

“UN envoy says Damascus is completely uncooperative and urges the Security Council to come together to address the crisis”

click thru the pic for the aljazeera piece.

when it comes to a nation’s sovereignty there should be very clear borders. when the question of humanity is thrown into the mix… nothing is very clear anymore. r2p. right to protect. when? where? how?

when innocents are being murdered, surely.

a nation’s innocence is lost by that point. the idea of “foreign” forces is moot when the only cause is humanity. but the idea of foreign power… that is the real underlying question – the concern.


questions of power. of self-determination. as a nation. as a people. as an individual. when those rights start to conflict then conflict is inevitable.

the right to protect…

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