robin hood theory

“Now that we’re gettin somewhere, you know we got to give back / For the youth is the future no doubt that’s right and exact / Squeeze the juice out / of all the suckers with power / And pour some back out / so as to water the flowers /
This world is ours / That’s why the demons are leary /
It’s our inheritance; this is my robin hood theory…”

if the youth are the future then we are the present.
we shape their inheritance.
the gift of now being the legacy to later.

tomorrow never comes – the future only arrives when we close our eyes for the last time.

and then it is the future’s turn to do as it wishes and to lead history as it will.

the now is for us tho.
just us.

act justly. you will be remembered (or not) because of your stance in life more then for your position. those who stand tall, no matter their size, are always seen above the crowd.

“if I wasn’t kickin’ rhymes i’d be kicking down doors, creating social change and defending the poor…” rip guru.

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