abdullah ibrahim – soweto/dollar brand – african herbs

“Both pensive and demonstrative, his work seems to find its greatest clarity, when it is just him and his piano.”

“If nothing else, Ibrahim’s music was revolutionary in spirit. Performing alongside acclaimed South African artists Basil Coetzee and Robbie Jansen, the collective recorded one of the most powerful statements against the tyrannical political system of apartheid with their moving composition, “Manenberg.” Many would agree that this has been the long-standing musical testament to the anti-apartheid movement, speaking to not only the composition’s resilience but the influence of the artists themselves. It has also been said that the sounds of Ibrahim were some of the first original musical compositions heard by a then-imprisoned Nelson Mandela. However true this may be, the recognition of Ibrahim’s radical political gesturing did not go unseen by the famed leader, who requested him to perform at his inauguration as the newly elected president of South Africa.”

Paul Pennington from Revivalist / Okay Player



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