the 10 best protests

as curated by the observer’s ed vulliamy.

“There were many epic protests against the Vietnam war that inspired my generation but this photograph of a demonstrator placing a flower in the barrel of a National Guardsman’s gun – a single, small but defiant act of protest – was both of the time and, eternally, an assertion for peace against war. The moment gathered further cogency in May 1970 after the killing of four students at Kent State University in Ohio in a similar protest. It emerged that one of the dead, Allison Krause, had also placed a flower in a gun the previous day”

there are MANY incredible and inspiring protests that could be argued should be on this list. i’ll probably start curating one of my own to reflect a more global perspective. this is obviously incredibly euro-centric.

regardless, there is still inspiration to be found and moments of human bravery, intelligence and compassion to be remembered.


*click thru the pic above to see the full list via the guardian.

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