fck the beliefs


a lyric video for the living legend saul williams.

having the opportunity to contribute something back to a man that has given me so much inspiration over the years was a humbling experience – one for which i am incredibly grateful.

massive respect to the connector @solguy for opening this door. huge respect to the massive that then came together to walk thru it as a unit.

i was scared to present this piece to saul once we had completed it. confidence is not something i generally lack, but when confronted with such brilliance it is hard to feel like anything but a candle. an erstwhile warmth and light, but still a candle in the sun. and after agonizing over this, where i came to was gratitude and a growing confidence. i realized that’s exactly what we could have hoped to accomplish – to become some small contribution of light to the beautiful inferno that is fck the beliefs. some small source of welcome. of illumination towards the brilliance of saul’s work.

it was such an honour.

saul’s reaction to the finished piece and his ensuing humility has made all of it worthwhile.

he is a giant of an angel.

thank you brother. so much.

this was put together in 3 days with a couple of iphones and a lot of duct tape. and some talented comrades.

we hope you like it.


rl massive.

One thought on “fck the beliefs

  1. melfunktion

    “What is your mind’s immigration policy?” This man. Saul Williams. One of our generation’s great thinkers and doers. This video captures that raw essence. Phenomenal work, Rob.


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