marc mac - dusty motown crates vol. 2

you know this is exactly my type of shit… soul music. a classic mix to inspire the heart and soul on a thursday… plus a few more there in the vault for the rainy days.

click thru the photo for the music. tons of it. mixed by the legendary marc mac of 4hero fame.


“Part two. More Motown Magic from the Motor City Crates.

Marc Mac presents 60 minutes of Motown Dusty Grooves “mixtape style”. All “green light Technics” strictly vinyl.

Without doubt Motown has always been one of my fave labels and truth is you don’t have to dig to deep to find Motown gems as it was such a popular label. In more recent times loads of previously unreleased Motown tracks have surfaced solidifying my admiration for the Motown groove.

Shout also has to go to the many Hip hop producers that helped in keeping the groove alive through sampling.

check it out.

– marc mac”


One thought on “marc mac – dusty motown crates vol. 2

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