serve or get served – freddie gibbs

love this video. that freddie gibbs gangsta shit… crazy tho.

“trill as bobby seale, i’m the new rendition of it.”

“This video is an experiment in wiggle stereoscopy. Shot on a pair of 7D’s with the same lenses. Shouts out to Statik Selektah on the beat, Fabian Tejada for the titles, Javier Goin for the help and Josh Harris for the roof. Download the “no dj” version of Str8 Killa No Filla here:”


fck the beliefs


a lyric video for the living legend saul williams.

having the opportunity to contribute something back to a man that has given me so much inspiration over the years was a humbling experience – one for which i am incredibly grateful.

massive respect to the connector @solguy for opening this door. huge respect to the massive that then came together to walk thru it as a unit.

i was scared to present this piece to saul once we had completed it. confidence is not something i generally lack, but when confronted with such brilliance it is hard to feel like anything but a candle. an erstwhile warmth and light, but still a candle in the sun. and after agonizing over this, where i came to was gratitude and a growing confidence. i realized that’s exactly what we could have hoped to accomplish – to become some small contribution of light to the beautiful inferno that is fck the beliefs. some small source of welcome. of illumination towards the brilliance of saul’s work.

it was such an honour.

saul’s reaction to the finished piece and his ensuing humility has made all of it worthwhile.

he is a giant of an angel.

thank you brother. so much.

this was put together in 3 days with a couple of iphones and a lot of duct tape. and some talented comrades.

we hope you like it.

rl massive.

istanbul, turkeyAPTOPIX-Turkey-Protes_Horopolice-fire-tear-gas-istanbul-protests-turkey-datatumblr_mno92z1coJ1r9jzs2o1_1280Turkish riot police use water cannon to disperse demonstrators during a protest against the destruction of trees in a park brought about by a pedestrian project, in Taksim Square in central Istanbul2013-05-31T204055Z_1411147085_GM1E9610CX201_RTRMADP_3_TURKEY-PROTESTSTURKEY-POLITICS-DEMO

excerpts from the telegraph’s article today re: turkey.
pics from various places across the ether.

“4. A guide to Turkey’s protesters
The protests have spread to 67 cities, including the capital Ankara. Hundreds of thousands of people have taken to the streets. Many of the demonstrators are young, secular, educated men and women. They were largely peaceful.
It is clear that the protests have touched a nerve for Turks across a broad social spectrum.

Demonstrators have also received a lot of support from other sections of society. Many taxi drivers in Istanbul beep their horns in solidarity and older residents, even in some of the poorer parts of the city have come to their front doors, beating posts and pans in support of the demonstrators.

5. Government response to the protests
Police initially cracked down heavily, seemingly hoping to smother the protests. They used teargas and water cannons aggressively, and hundreds of people were wounded. Amnesty International has condemned the crackdowns and claimed that two people have been killed.

Realising that this was only serving to fuel greater dissent, Mr Erdogan admitted the mistake. Clashes have continued in other parts of Istanbul, but security forces have pulled out of the central protest area Taksim Square.”

*click thru the top image for the article itself and the first three of the points…



“At the D11 Conference held this week in California, Google executive Regina Dugan
(and former director of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) who now
runs a new Motorola research and development lab called the Advanced Technology
and Projects Group, has shown – on her own arm – an electronic tattoo that is aimed
to function as a wearable authentication device for, well, anything and everything.”

i swear bar codes on the skin are supposed to be the beginning of the end in every sci-fi story…

whether this truly represents the mark of the beast or not – what it is, is scary as shit.

the realities of what this could be used for… especially in a new and fast growing world of cyber terrrorism…
no thank you. i’m not involved. at all. somethings are just not worth the “convenience”.

*click thru the photo for the story.

respect ya passion - nipsey hussle

i don’t care if i have to post this tape track by track. so far, it deserves it. motivation + inspiration music from nipsey. i already said i really fux with nipsey. and this track is yet another reason of exactly why.

honesty. passion. uncompromising. human.

when huey p. newton spoke passionately about organizing “the brothers on the block” it was exactly this type of passion, intelligence and commitment that he was speaking to.

nipsey hussle is more of a revolutionary then the vast majority of rappers who purport to be. we don’t have to get into his gangster. but we can if it’s to be debated.

autonomy + loyalty. conflicting ideas carried purposefully forward. i respect this artist like few others right now.


freedom fighter tape – raheem devaughn

the freedom fighter tape raheem devaughn put out a couple years back…

raheem-devaughn-freedomfighter-coverfull freedom fighter stream & download via okayplayer here.

revelations 2010, raheem devaughn ft. damian marley

our world, raheem devaughn ft. UrbanAve 31

some rbg shit for a sunday.