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interlude.fm – engaging storytelling on a next level

one of the most interesting advancements i’ve seen in a while in terms of engagement and storytelling. this post has nothing to do with shell or energy. nor does it have anything to do with shimon peres. this post is about a company called Interlude and the way they are playing with interactivity and storytelling. s/o the connectors for always connecting me to dope shit.


now whether you want to stomach shell’s greenwashing campaign all the way through is up to you. but it’s probably worth it. the stats are relevant and startling when you realize their implications. it’s nothing new, but it’s a new way of telling the story and allowing people to be intuitive and curious as opposed to force fed a stream of consciousness.

seen in this way, i think the implications for this medium of storytelling get even deeper.

there is also an interview with Shimon Peres entitled Shimon Peres and You¬†(click creative and explore)¬†again, a really interesting and engaging concept… and also a masterful illusionary technique for making people think they actually have access or influence with the political elite…but that’s another story.

the possibilities are endless. and in a way, i guess that’s the point.

ill shit.